Botanical Missionaries, Sally and Andy Wasowski

preaching the good news about native plants!  


In neighborhoods all across the nation, the dominant sound is not children laughing and playing, but the roar of power mowers, power edgers, power pruners, and power leaf blowers! Enough already!

Isn’t it high time we got out from under the Tyranny of the Lawn?


Today, America is waking up to a saner, more environmental approach to home landscaping…going more native and more natural.

In their books and public presentations, the Wasowskis show that native landscapes are low-maintenance, use far less water, and don't need toxic chemicals. Natural landscapes also provide valuable habitats for endangered wildlife and deliver a true sense of place


Sally Wasowski is a nationally respected landscape designer and author. Aside from her numerous books, she has also written for magazines such as Country America, Perennial,  and Texas Gardener, as well as a number of Brooklyn Botanic Garden handbooks. She was also a contributing author for A Nature Company Guide: Natural Gardening. A founding member and past president of the Native Plant Society of Texas, Sally was featured in Southern Living magazine as one of the Top Ten Gardeners in the South.  For seven years, she taught sell-out classes on landscape design at SMU’s School of Continuing Education.

Andy Wasowski is a free-lance writer and photographer specializing in gardening and environmental issues. His work has appeared in Life magazine, TV Guide, Fine Gardening, The American Gardener, Sunset, Sierra and several Time-Life books. He has also done on-air commentaries for National Public Radio’s “The Cultivated Gardener” and "Living on Earth." 

Together the Wasowskis have written nine books and over a hundred articles on native plants and environmental gardening. They have been honored by both the American Horticultural Society and the Canadian Wildflower Society for their work. They are members of The Wild Ones, and both the Texas and New Mexico native plant societies.

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