7 gardening books
the lawn care industry
will never endorse!


How can you learn about native plants?

Today, there are numerous informative books on the subject, including many regional books that focus on specific areas of the country. Your local bookstore or library will have them in stock, or can order them for you. Many nurseries that sell natives also carry a selection of books that not only identify natives in your area., but tell you how best to use them in your landscape.

Sally and Andy Wasowski have written numerous such books. The ones profiled here are available through any bookstore. If the book you are interested in is not currently in stock, the bookstore can order it for you at no charge.

The titles shown below are also available on the web. Click on these links to order from your favorite online book seller: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders.

Requiem for a Lawnmower

Gardening in a Warmer, Drier World  

Gardening with Prairie Plants

How to Create Beautiful Native Landscapes


Authors Profiles: Sally & Andy Wasowski

America’s Botanical Missionaries!

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