Building Inside Nature's Envelope
by Andy Wasowski with Sally Wasowski
Forward by Darrel G. Morrison, FASLA

Oxford University Press  2000
152 pages, color photos,
Hardback  $27.50   ISBN 0-19-513176-2

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Every year thousands of acres of natural land--out in the country or on suburban tracts still untouched by developers--are turned into home sites. But by the time the moving vans arrive, the beauty and character of the land has been destroyed. The culprit is conventional building methods that put the building first and the land second.

Today, however, a new building technique--Nature’s Envelope--is putting the land first. The end result is that the new home looks as if it had been gently set down into the natural landscape. The Envelope is simple to execute, cost effective, environmentally sound, and – important to developers – highly marketable.

“When it comes to the global environment, architecture--and architects--face a choice: continue to be part of the problem, or learn to become part of the solution.  And Wasowski demonstrates convincingly that the latter is not only possible, but feasible, exciting, and even inevitable.   By building with nature's envelope we can avoid inflicting further wound on the natural world, and so begin the process of restoration."

--Don Falk, Society for Ecological Restoration

In the first few decades of this millennium, we will all become more environmentally aware.  We will have no choice.  The consequences of dwindling and threatened resources, endangered plant and animal species, and our escalating world population--the root cause of virtually all our environmental problems--will become too manifest to be ignored except by the most mindless individuals. 

And, I firmly believe, during this time, the envelope will become an important part of our response to the environmental problems that beset us.

--excerpt from the Introduction

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